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SPS | AboutIf you’ve outgrown your wardrobe yet lack the time you need to develop and discover your style, or you’re looking for key pieces to update your look for the new season then, as an image consultant, I can bring some Italian passion and design to your clothing and your life.

My personal shopping service delivers Italian enthusiasm with a calming energy. My sole focus is working with you to ensure you have a wardrobe that reflects your personality and lifestyle. As an experienced stylist for men and women, I work with different brands to suit your needs, ensuring a high level of service and attention is enjoyed while we do the legwork for you.

I understand that a busy schedule may stand in the way of discovering your sense of style. I start by getting to know you and your needs so that I can manage your time effectively and deliver pieces that’ll accentuate and surprise you using my professional, friendly online stylist or direct service.

Everything I do starts with you. I can visit your home to review your wardrobe, suggest tailored individual pieces and accessories to help lift your style, or help take the stress away of shopping for a big event.

My Italian heritage is present in everything I do. My passion for beauty and style is at the heart of my business and my approach to developing your wardrobe. I understand that a well-presented outfit is the first thing you say about yourself when meeting new people. It is my job and desire to discover exactly what it is you want to say and then help you express yourself with confidence and clarity.

Good style doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s more important to find items that fit well and compliment you. This is how I can help. I can also be on hand to make on­going suggestions each season and periodically add pieces to keep you looking fresh.

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